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What other films has the actress acted in? What was the film you've seen the other day? What else can you see? You can ask here all these questions and many others and you are likely to get answers to them :)

14.01.2016 17:53:43 Kolobos1 antworten

Internal Server Error

9 times out of 10 what I upload doesn't make it due to Internal server Error.I take that to mean that the heavy hitters are using up all the website's bandwidth(just when you're about to introduce a monetary reward system.nice)

14.01.2016 09:40:29 kappohammada0 antworten

short movies

i need short movies called castigo divino from mexico ? or the scenes from it ?

12.01.2016 23:13:03 Gringojc0 antworten


There are a few issues with the site these days. If I want to upload content most of the time I get a "server error" of some kind. After every attempt I must readmit my username and password. Wouldn't it be good to have an item you can select besides TV and movie appearance? Maybe a "magazine" item where you can submit pictures? But first work on the server problems please.

09.01.2016 22:18:47 dxrtqgmp4 antworten

Watermarks on video

Are clips with watermarks allowed to upload? - it could be an url name or a tv program number...

08.01.2016 15:45:14 mochilas1 antworten

What happens with this site???

The site doesn't work since any days for upload videos

07.01.2016 00:35:32 alann19870 antworten


it would be good if you could select more than one keyword while searching for a celeb

27.12.2015 08:43:35 gjb09022 antworten

Nude Appearances


18.12.2015 15:41:51 johnsonjack871 antworten


How About Adding All Of Those Gymnasts To This Site Including Mary Lou Retton & Carly Patterson?

18.12.2015 03:56:00 Kolobos2 antworten


What is with the proliferation of foreign boobies on this website? Are American Breasts no longer good enough for you? As a long time Donald Trump supporter I must call for an end to this illegal and might I add UNCONSTITUTIONAL emigration of non-nativist wow-wows and hoo-hahs. You'll be hearing from my lawyers

18.12.2015 01:41:07 quizzical5 antworten

Need help IDing a bunch of movies

Longtime lurker, but relatively new member, and would like some help IDing some movies that I've seen clips from over the years, and I will try to be as accurate and close to memory in the descriptions as possible. 1. Much older movie, probably from the 60s or 70s though I saw it on tv in the 90s. Scene takes place in a barn or something similar, a group of soldiers are attacking a woman, we see them rip open her blouse. Her friend/sister/whoever tries to come to her rescue but the soldiers grab her as well, there's even a tight shot of them raising her skirt and trying to pull down her underwear. Their commander enters and dismisses them, and while the two women give the officer an earful about the soldiers attempting to rape them, he assured them that if they try it again he would punish them. And it's not "Outlaw Josey Wales" as someone else I asked thought. 2. Clip used to be on Dailymotion, but they recently cleaned out all their sex videos. A lady author is at a booksigning and has a daydream about being approached by a handsome man who asks if she'd have dinner with him, telling her to just be honest and not think about the answer. They then go into the back of the bookstore, strip down, and have sex until she's snapped back to reality. 3. Another clip that used to me on Dailymotion but no longer. This one was a movie involving a relationship between a high school boy and an older woman - there was a number of sex scenes between the two, including one that takes place when the woman shows up in the boy's room after he showered and she rides him while sitting down, after that she tells him to leave for fear his father would catch them. Another scene she gets mad at him for a failing grade in French on his report card, so she gives him an impromptu lesson by spanking him and saying in French that she's hungry and wants something hard. 4. Yet another Dailymotion clip. This one was an incest scene where a guy sneaks into a room where his sister and her boyfriend are making out and actually wants to get in ont he action, so the girl has both of them lie on the couch while she strips down to her underwear and starts seducing her boyfriend while her brother watches. This may or may not have been a foreign film, but the dialogue was not in english and it sounded dubbed. 5. Yet another Dailymotion clip, and another incest scene. This one features a slightly older brother and sister (maybe 30s or 40s). They're in a shack of some kind and the brother starts attacking his sister, so the sister tries to fight back by grabbing his crotch, which turns both of them on. They make out for a little while (spittle included) and finally they drop to the floor and the brother has sex with the sister. 6. Yet another Dailymotion clip. This one's a rape scene. It takes place in an office at night and a male worker is yelling at a female coworker, I don't remember what about, but it seemed like his sister was raped by a man his female coworker was involved with, so he decides to take revenge out on his female coworker and rape her to see how she likes it. He seemed to really enjoy it too, he was licking her face and everything. 7. Lastly, this one's a Youtube clip I found by accident countless years ago and haven't found it again since. I think this one may have been sci-fi/supernatural, or maybe even a parody, I don't know. There's a dim, green-lit room with a hole in the wall where we see an eyeball spying on a young couple having sex in a bedroom. A girl is riding a guy like crazy and the scene kept cutting back and forth between them having sex, and the voyeur spying through the wall where his eye keeps shaking. The girl even whips out a video camera at one points and tapes their intercourse. There's then a splatter on the wall in the green-lit room (supposedly cum from the voyeur masterbating), and the couple are then interrupted by two or three guys running into the room, one of which says in a cheeky tone "oh, so sorry."

12.12.2015 08:19:42 OGRastamon0 antworten

How do you add celebrities and titles?

Is this not under basic user control? Whenever I add names to the submission form which are not already in the system the page resets and I'm told to fill all required fields.

06.12.2015 04:54:45 z3670 antworten

Could someone upload clips from "Beach Heat: Miami"?


26.11.2015 12:41:41 Feckwit0 antworten

AKA (alternative titles)

It would be great if alternative titles featured in the search results; i.e. if you know a film by its secondary title, it could direct you to its primary ttle within the results. Is this possible?

26.11.2015 01:01:45 Skypewithme2 antworten

Movies and vids

None of them play for me would like a quick reply

25.11.2015 09:42:41 Feckwit1 antworten

Suggestion: Additional 'stills' section.

Many photos uploaded to this site do no not directly relate to a specific film or television production, so they all get added to the 'Miecellaneous movie'. It would be much better if there was a third section. Is this something which has been considered?

24.11.2015 08:38:02 thehawk1 antworten

Video Quality

It is just a plain and simple request to all users on this site. Please try to upload videos in 360p quality. They work much better than HD quality videos on this site.

20.11.2015 18:59:11 perhacs0 antworten

Leilani Sarelle - Checkered Flag

Hi guys, I'm new to this forum so not 100% sure whether it's okay to make requests. Anyway I've been looking for some time for a 1990 made-for-television film called 'Checkered Flag'. It's notable for a couple of scenes featuring the then-24 year old stunner Leilani Sarelle. A review of her nudity in the film is available here: The trailer meanwhile offers a couple of brief glimpses of the good bits! Unfortunately this film does not seem to be available either on VHS/DVD and I can't find it online either. Does anyone happen to have Leilani's scenes from this film? Her other nude appearances are featured on this site. Any help is greatly appreciated!

10.11.2015 14:26:26 drake241 antworten

Redhead In 80's Retro Movie

I'm looking for the name of the actress or movie title but sadly I have no picture to go off. The movie I believe was made in the 80's and had a scene in which a nude busty redhead was kinda giving a some what fat clothed pirate a lap dance on a pirate ship. I've seen her on Ancensord some time ago but forgot all info on her. Any help is appreciated.

08.11.2015 16:56:03 davelea5 antworten


how do you see other peoples playlist

05.11.2015 13:25:20 pacinofan0 antworten


I'm searching for scenes with Nataliya Joy Prieto from the Emmanuelle Through Time series. EMMANUELLE IN WONDERLAND A.K.A. ADVENTURES INTO THE WOODS, A SEXY MUSICAL. SEX, CHOCOLATE AND EMMANUELLE. Would anybody be able to upload any hot sex scenes from these movies?

29.10.2015 22:58:23 carlo220 antworten

Dolce Gola (1981)

i searched scenes from this movie with Paola Montenero and Monica Nickel I connot found this movie in www...(or the full movie?) thanks

19.10.2015 16:01:45 aaliadel6660 antworten

movie title

asian movie . a woman was nude in the bath then some one entered appeared to carrying a knife . but ot was a comb . he started to play with her then suddenly used a string to strangulate her . what is the title movie . .. .. another movie of a killer who kill women by inserting a niddle in thier neck back . want its name also . thanks

13.10.2015 23:14:39 turbokochanek0 antworten

What movie is this ?

From what Film are those pics ?

13.10.2015 03:07:29 zigga1 antworten

german nude scene

I'm trying to find a scene of a young german girl topless looking at herself in the mirror. Another girl walks in the room and the girl covers up. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Actress name or movie?

08.10.2015 22:39:53 batmeng850 antworten

adding media

Help, i'm trying to add media but there is no place to put it in the edit page. i keep getting a please fill in all required fields. how do i get past this?

04.10.2015 19:45:50 garethmatthews674 antworten

Error True

Trying to upload films and getting this message Error True

04.10.2015 18:38:41 GirlLovingGirl2 antworten

Rachel Nichols - 404 ERROR - page not found

A couple of months ago i tried to go on to Rachel Nichols page and got a white screen with the words "404 ERROR - page not found" on it instead of her actual page. I figured it was just a thing that would get sorted quickly so i left it, but i just tried to go on to her page again and it's still the same. Is anyone else having the same problems with her page or is it just me? I thought i'd better mention it if it's a site problem.

27.09.2015 09:19:59 damoke20000 antworten

Android phone

I can't watch clips on my phone. How can I watch clips?

15.09.2015 20:07:49 Richman2 antworten


how do i download clips on this website?

15.09.2015 10:11:49 Aydien2 antworten

actresses from other countries

I have my own collection of photos and videos of actresses from Argentina. can i upload it? sorry about my bad english

13.09.2015 10:04:13 thehawk3 antworten


If someone is making an upskirt playlist then please give me the link for your upskirt playlist.

11.09.2015 18:10:00 kmart13752 antworten

Searching movie

Anyone who have the adult X movie Paradise Found...the setting where shot in an island...thanks

08.09.2015 02:57:34 naso1 antworten


when you tap “ add celebrity ” and type in their relative details, how do you add their photos and clips

03.09.2015 13:53:46 fictionrite1 antworten

any video

new to cite-video i select comes up with start arrow-when i push arrow video dose not start

02.09.2015 05:02:39 MOMUSICMAN1 antworten

Rules for submitting content

Is there somewhere on this site that contains the rules for what can and cannot be uploaded as content?

26.08.2015 04:23:32 mikasuomi1 antworten


hello were can i download this a app or download program for this ?

15.08.2015 23:00:14 Razer5257 antworten


Hello, please can anyone help me? Is there any choice to search celebs by age? But not actual age, but age when they where in movies

13.08.2015 04:26:00 thehawk0 antworten


Does anyone know about how many videos I can put in a playlist before it becomes damaged playlist?

10.08.2015 07:20:47 hedi.jileni4 antworten

E-mail address

please i need help how i can change my E-mail address thank you

10.08.2015 04:26:02 hedi.jileni1 antworten

delete comments

good morning how i can delete some of my comments please thank you