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What other films has the actress acted in? What was the film you've seen the other day? What else can you see? You can ask here all these questions and many others and you are likely to get answers to them :)

14.09.2016 06:32:08 dub1dub0 antworten

Movie help

Hi. I'm looking for a movie where a a girl is doing a strip tease for a lad who is standing on her balcony. As the scene carries on two other lads join to watch. She is wearing a band conductors uniform and twirling the pole throughout the scene too I think. Anybody know what I'm on about?

12.09.2016 04:05:41 dadaaa0 antworten

Videos not playing.(HTML 5 error)

There is a html 5:video file not found error whenever i try to play video.Any suggestions???

02.09.2016 09:38:34 kalamatianos0 antworten

favorites error

favorites Error (#8)

27.08.2016 18:54:27 PoppyUp2 antworten

Anyone else getting pop up ads that bypass adblockers?

For the past month or so i've been getting adverts pop up in a new window when i'm browsing the site. I've tried accessing the site using different adblockers like adblock plus and ublock origin (and no, i'm don't have them both on at the same time) and yet pop up ads are still getting past them. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled and reset both of them altogether to see if that fixes the problem and no result, and also run a full virus scan to see if they're infected but they're not. Is anyone else having this problem? Any advice?

26.08.2016 10:36:12 01smi0 antworten

Not Found (#404)

You sent me the Message: "Your changes has been approved. To see them, click on this link: (opens in a new tab)." Now, some days later: Not Found (#404)

24.08.2016 13:56:40 drake180 antworten

Vintage Movie Help

I'm looking for the name of a movie I think was made back in the '80's. One scene stands out as a busty natural redhead is on a pirate ship doing a striptease to a clothed fat pirate. It is all softcore and the scene is not very long. I have seen the movie and the girl listed on Ancensored but can't find a pic of her or of the movie and I've looked every where. I would say it some sort of a sex comedy all softcore. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!!!!

23.08.2016 06:22:46 ankushka0 antworten

how to view movies

how to view movies

22.08.2016 10:55:24 Darkwolfberlin0 antworten

Sound Problem with Apple Safarii

I have no sound by the Videos. With my iMac safari and my iPhone no sound!!!

21.08.2016 12:11:21 sakitenjouin170 antworten

An internal server error occurred.

Please, I can't open my favorites models/actresses because an error appear... This is the error: Error (#8) An internal server error occurred. The above error occurred while the Web server was processing your request. Please contact us if you think this is a server error. Thank you. I have a lot of favorites... and I don't want to loose them... Thanks for your help

19.08.2016 07:46:34 DragonRex0 antworten

Problem with adding new celebrities.

Every time when I try add a celebrity it takes me to an error page. I guess you aware of it, Do you have any estimation when it will be fixed?

18.08.2016 08:21:25 rafaelsimao1 antworten

erro servidor

nao esta dando para colocar imagens ,nas atrizes.

17.08.2016 17:08:29 Kolobos0 antworten


I keep getting Internal Server Error message. Any Idea Why?

15.08.2016 20:32:51 jtc19773 antworten

Ad Blocker Doesn't Stop Pop-ups

This site is plagued by pop-ups. I tried using two different ad blockers and the ads are still getting through. I like this site but I'm worried about malware. Can the web developer do anything about this problem?

14.08.2016 06:26:20 Arnie Goldenstien0 antworten

Log In not working

I'm having trouble with the Log In. When I click to Log In it just brings me to the home page. The site only logs me into my account when I click edit on a page.

10.08.2016 21:58:19 thisisweak1 antworten

Random order of movies is very annoying

I do not understand why it was done, the presenting actress appearances in a random order is very annoying and makes the site a lot less friendly. I recommend putting movies back to chronological order.

07.08.2016 09:49:58 -KA-3 antworten

Top users list

Okay... what's up with it. You changed it from monthly 'leaders' to all time top. I get that part... but then you went on and DELETED 3 of the top 4 all time contributors from the list (mochillas, Lionheart, and myself), WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?

06.08.2016 12:44:17 lacosanostra0 antworten

Found a Bug!

Dont know if its a result of the new "Platform" But sometimes when you click on a picture, the site crashes. Along with any other window of this site open

31.07.2016 19:08:38 baiovarii4 antworten

Sextapes section

Just a shot info that it looks like the sextapes are not linked to flowplay. You can't play the videos you just got a picture. Can you change this please?

31.07.2016 04:50:08 Kolobos0 antworten

Oh Those were The Days My Friend

remember when you could just post nudie pictures of various actresses and they went right up without having to wait a week to see if they made it. of course that was a time when points were based on how much you uploaded per month as opposed to beginning from "the dawn of time". oh well it's been fun. see ya

29.07.2016 02:36:43 danielsan1 antworten

Add to firefox search bar

I used to have this site search engine added to my firefox search bar, but now it no longer works. Why?

27.07.2016 20:38:14 phallos4 antworten

who is this actress?

i can't remeber her name but i saw a clip on this site where she is walking in a hotel hall way nude to get ice from a ice machine the she goes back to her room with the ice pail on her head ?

27.07.2016 11:30:49 AzDaw1 antworten


Is there some kind of problem in the new updated site. I cannot seem to see any screenshot of the video.

27.07.2016 09:25:29 EvilFluX0 antworten


please remove the movie Eureka from the profile ( True: Eureka ( False: Eureka ( Source:

25.07.2016 07:27:48 jamesbond31219950 antworten

502 Bad Gateway

I cant't use this site after logging in to my account, i have to create a new one and use. This happened after the website update. How can i access it?

24.07.2016 17:08:30 boondock880 antworten

audio problem

What happened to the audio of the newly uploaded video. There is no sound for the new videos

21.07.2016 06:33:55 salad0 antworten

Favorite movies missing

Mine are all gone, but I can still add and remove them.

13.07.2016 05:59:09 MOMUSICMAN1 antworten


Is there anyway to get this retarded person kicked off this site. He (it) is now posting "Sex Tapes" of porn stars without crediting them with names. Let someone like him post the crap he posts and we have a serious problem with this site.

07.07.2016 11:16:32 jtc19772 antworten

Pop-ups, Pop-ups and more pop-ups!

Is there anything that can be done about the pop-ups that are plaguing this site?

01.07.2016 13:45:08 lucatoni190 antworten

Bilder herunterladen

Kann man die Bilder auch herunterladen?

16.05.2016 10:36:00 Bepirosso0 antworten

My error!

I tried to create the movie page of "midnight obsession" by Joe d'Amato , masono automatically two actresses appeared unrelated to the film, please correct my error! I can not delete it!

21.04.2016 12:55:51 adam21 antworten

Love the site but concerned

Hello. Is anyone else concerned? i love the site and contribute to it often but it seems like no one is home Blogs and news haven't been touched in a year. I get strange pop-ups that seem to be infectious Anyone else feeling it? I hope I am wrong! thanks

16.04.2016 22:08:48 celestial1 antworten

Female "Stars'' They All Seem Soooo!! Generic????

There does not seem to be a noticable difference B/W a lot of "Stars''. There also don't seem to be many Character Actors - Olden Days!!

09.04.2016 12:34:48 dondeepak0 antworten

Quality of videos

why videos quality become too low? please post videos with quality

07.04.2016 05:05:39 warrendionrush@hotmail.com1 antworten

Can't play videos

I have iPhone 5 9.3 can't play any videos help me

07.04.2016 05:05:38 warrendionrush@hotmail.com1 antworten

Can't play videos

I have iPhone 5 9.3 can't play any videos help me

04.04.2016 18:33:12 ancuserfan2 antworten

Isn't it about time to kill flash video?

Flash videos are pretty much dead. Adobe abandoned Flash development on mobile platforms a long time ago. Flash usage stats are decreasing on PCs too. Sooner or later, Ancensored will have to abandon Flash. We know converting all videos is a tedious, time-consuming and cpu intensive task, but the sooner you start the sooner you'll end. Thanks.

01.04.2016 22:59:43 astroperv0 antworten

Vampyres (2015 remake) nude scenes/ Recommendations category and vampire category and auto replay button function!

Can you please add the sexy/nude scenes from the little known 2015 remake of the lesbian vampire seduction erotica film, Vampyres? I literally looked everywhere on the internet to find this movie to watch it, it came out last year and I wanted to see the movie or at least see the lesbian nude sex scenes from it somewhere online but I can't find it anywhere and everywhere i try ends up with virus infested scams and nowhere was I able to find the full movie or even the sex scenes anywhere. The above links are the movie I'm talking about, you guys have the original 1970's movie but not the 2015 remake! :( Could you guys please find it and add it, pretty please!? Thanks so much in advance! Also, could you guys please give me a links and recommendations to good sexy female vampire movies, and the links to the really good ones that you have up here on your site so I don't have to search for all of them since I don't know exactly what I'm looking for or the name of the thing I don't know I want and would really like links to some of your best vampire scenes since there are over 700000 clips and pics and I can't easily search through all of them and there is no vampire movie category to nail them all down. Also, could you please create a categories section so we can easily choose from different categories and add a vampire or supernatural creature category for movies to more easily find them if we have such fetishes? One last thing, can you please, please do what other websites should do but never do and add an auto replay/repeat button that way if we want to watch one video, short or long, over and over again, and are too busy to bother to keep hitting replay with our good hand, we can just have it loops and auto replay the whole time or at least put a single playlist on auto-replay for convenience. I don't think the latter would be too hard or unreasonable at all, since you can just rig and program the replay button to an autoreplay function and create another button called the auto-replay button for videos and playlists. Thanks so much in advance, happy fapping! :)

31.03.2016 09:54:17 ryanrain210 antworten

How to wath videos

The videos are not playing. Not allowed to view in cellphone?

26.03.2016 19:16:11 rahmtz2 antworten

what movie is this?

got some scene from here (I dunno if I shouldn't place direct link here, but there is no rule stated as I remember) involving couple and a girl (yes 2 of them are naked)

18.03.2016 14:52:18 Doug62X1 antworten

Keywords Info

The keywords info on a lot of the girls is a mess even someone on Freeones boards mention that on their site some girls breast were real when they should of been fake and fake when they should have been real I have noticed it on this site too. You have Kaley Cuoco as real when she mentioned her having a boobjob calling them the the best thing ever. Freeones had Alli Rae as fake(you have her as real) then I mentioned about it on her page in the comments on Freeones soon other people were mentioning it (later on I discovered that even she mentioned it on her twitter)soon they finally changed it to real.