Antje Merkle in Exodos (2011)
Ana Ularu in Siberia (II) (2018)
Maryam d'Abo in Point Men (2001)
Maaor Ziv in Scarecrows (2017)
Sadie Katz in House of bad (2013)
Raphaële Godin in Les Savates du bon Dieu (2000)
Marie Lecomte in Nuit noire (2013)
Sanaa Lathan in Love & Basketball (2000)
Maura Tierney in The Affair (2014)
Christie Hayes in Home and Away (1988)
Unknown in Nu (2018)
Candie Evans in Man(n) hat's nicht leicht (1988)
Marianne Aubert in Le pensionnat des petites salopes (1982)
Patricia Benson in Le pensionnat des petites salopes (1982)
Kyra Zagorsky in Helix (2014)
Emma Roberts in Scream Queens (2015)
Ambyr M. Reyes in Yellowstone (2018)
Elysia King in Provinciales en chaleur (1981)
Malisa Longo in Carabinieri si nasce (1985)
Teyana Taylor in Fade (2016)
Eve Hewson in Paper Year (2018)
Elle Evans in Muse (2017)
Tina Jordan in Beach Heat Miami (2010)
Carole Stresse in Very Special Orgies (1979)
Lex Scott Davis in SuperFly (2018)
Sofia Pauly in My Little Sister (2016)
Zofia Wichlacz in Rojst (2018)
Ingra Liberato in A Indomada (1997)
Joana Vilapuig in The Invisible Artery (2015)
Caitlin Leahy in Afterburn/Aftershock (2017)
Joke Devynck in 13 Commandments (2017)
Lori Jo Hendrix in Playboy: Secret Confessions (1993)
Ariela Massotti in Cidade Proibida (2017)
Flora Baccarini in 1 Contra Todos (2016)
Cláudia Ohana in Menino do Rio (1982)
Ivonne Montero in Asesino en serio (2002)
Ivonne Montero in Asesino en serio (2002)
Maria Sten in Channel Zero (2016)
Eva von Hanno in Balladen om mestertyven Ole Høiland (1970)