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Butt Challenge!: Kim Kardashian vs Nicki Minaj Vs Jennifer Lopez

Butts! When I was growing up as a kid, they were a thing to be spanked when misbehaving, now they are what seems to be a trend of the world of sex. In this series, we will be comparing who just has the best ass in Hollywood, starting with Kim Kardashian vs Nicki Minaj. First up, we seem to have what appears to be Kimkardashian taking my Mothers advice and is throwing her trashy self away into a Glade garbade bag (hefty hefty hefty!). She appears to be having a good time doing it so I won't impose. Second we have Nicki Minaj picking up a quarter. Why she is looking back seductivly we may never know. third and finally we have Jennifer Lopez warding off a Demon with an ancient Goidelic ritual, either that or trying to distract people from the fact that she can't really sing. All three of these ladies have a great (ass)et for certain, but when it comes down to it; who has the best?

Challenge: William gives Kimkardashian a 8.1 to Jennifer Lopez, a 7.5 to Kim Kardashian and a solid 8.0 to Nicki Minaj.

Thanks for tuning into the first post in the ongoing series Butt Challenge!

Written by Sir William Watson, A standup guy, a mischievous porn viewer.


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